Welcome To My World of Animal Communication, Healing and Development



Hello and Welcome,

I am Emma and I work with animals all over the world with animal communication and healing.  I am based in the UK, but I am available for consultations and talks around the world. My animal communication, animal healing work and treatments are possible via one to one meetings, Skype or telephone conversations.  Please contact me for more information.

How I work, I can talk to your pet and get a direct line to their thoughts and feelings, this helps carers understand behaviours and is especially useful for rescue animals where limited information is normally available.  My childhood was spent surrounded by animals and I learnt from them how to communicate and I have continued throughout my life.  I didn’t limit myself into believing that animals cannot talk or communicate like we are conditioned to believe.

I am extremely lucky and blessed to work with animals everyday.   I have worked with animals for over 25 years, I have a proven track record of successful communications and healing sessions from all over the world.  Please view my review page for up to date information.

Animal Communication, Healing and Psychic development is open to everyone and I feel extremely blessed to now offer courses and workshops in all these disciplines, for me to share and teach all these subjects is a dream come true.   It is so wonderful to see my students get it!  Really get it! When students realise that they too can bring back validation and confirmation from animals or via development, it really fills my heart with joy.  It never fails to amaze me and I am sure it never will.  

Please see below my full list animal related qualifications and my human based qualifications further below.

Animal Related Qualifications

I am a Animal Communication Practitioner and Teacher – I know sometimes people struggle with animal telepathy so I created four new ways of Animal Communication which I now teach on my workshops. These were developed by myself and are copyrighted under my name.

Advanced Animal Energy Work – Trauma Release and DNA Energy Repair

Animal Reiki Master/Teacher

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher – Animal

Veterinary Support Assistant Level 3

Emmett 4 dogs Practitioner – Full

Canine Behaviour Level 1

Small Animal and Canine First Aider and Instructor

Animal Psychology and Behaviour

Non Animal Related qualifications

Meditation Teacher 

Reiki Master/Teacher

Past Lives Therapist

Angel Therapy Practitioner  Doreen Virtue

I am also in studying my own further development with Stephen O’Brien

I currently run a weekly development group covering spiritual development and animal communication

I am fully insured, qualified to work with both animals and humans. 

If you would like to attend one of our courses or schedule an appointment for an animal communication or healing session, please get in touch re our contact page.