Animal Communication Level 3 Practitioner Advance

Animal Communication Level 3 – Practitioner Advanced

Duration 2 days – 20 case studies and 2 skype meetings with Emma Gowshall

1st & 2nd July 2017
Practitioner Advanced
This workshop covers:
Dealing with passing animals and their caregivers, supporting transistion
Working with lost pets and their caregivers
Gaining vital information from pets at times of emergency
Developing and maintaining conversation
Difficult animals and caregivers
Bringing in other animals to help
Working with your Totem animal guides through Meditation
Detacting yourself from situations
Developing intuition with injuries
Transitioning into their vision so that you can see what they can see thus helping the lost pet
Working one to one with clients who are distressed and dealing with stressful situations.
Asking questions to pets that are present, passed or lost
Dowsing for lost pets
Past Lives, Spirit pets and guardians

The two day course is £150 and is the final part of the three part course we run.
The price includes lunch and light refreshement.

Case studies required:  20 animal case studies and 2 one to one skype lessons with Emma Gowshall, you have one year for the end of the course to complete your studies.

As with all of my courses, I will continue to help and support you as you continue your animal communication journey.

Location :- Ranby Village Hall
DN22 8HZ
(Includes food and refreshements)




This course is a 2 day workshop and included the following topics:

Promoting and supporting Rescues

Automatic writing and pets

Bringing messages from pets and their people

Psycometry – reading animals belongings.

Helping to find lost pets

Dealing with difficult clients and animals

Promoting animal communication and working with your ego

Learning to do public demonstrations.

20 case studies – animals can be supplied if required

2 reading assessments either in person or via skype