Animal Communication

Why would you want to be able to communicate with your animal?

Have you ever thought to yourself when you are talking to your animal I wish he/she would communicate back?



Animals talk to their humans every day

How wonderful would it feel to them when one day the human talks back?


With my help you can learn to develop a way to communicate to your animal, just like we talk to humans. You will learn how to ask questions, get answers and how you can make your pets life better.

Hear the answers to:-

Why do you break my stuff?

Emotional problems

Why do you bark at certain people?

This will make your pet feel more appreciated and content.

Have you ever wanted to speak with your pet?  Have you wondered what they were thinking or feeling?


With animal communication we able to help you connect with your animal and give them a voice.


Animal communication is available via photographs that you can email or post to me or with a one to one consultation with you and your pet at Healing Pets.


We only ask for a small amount of information about your pet.  (name, sex, name of animals main caregiver) This enables us to get a good connection with them and also stops us being distracted by other information you might give us, at the end of your communication you will be given a written script of what was said, so that you can take it home and keep.  


Animals have so much to say and are just like us with their likes and dislikes.  They can pick up on our emotions and feelings as soon as you walk in the door.  Animals also have amazing memories and will brings events to me from the past this can really surprise caregivers. Animals have always talked, it’s just many of us choose not to listen.


Animal communication is a wonderful, exciting tool and I want to share it with everyone, we run workshops throughout the year, so you can develop your own skills.   I have spoken with hundreds of animals around the world and it always delights me to speak with new animals and help them connect with their loved ones.  They are so happy to be heard and want to share their lives with their caregivers so much. I am very blessed to be able to work with animals everyday and share conversations with them.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more  information about animal communication.

Animal Communication and Animal Energy Healing
Telepathic animal communication helps to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for both people and animals.
With my services, classes and demonstrations we can learn to share
a little more of the animal kingdom.

Animal Energy Healing is holistic treatment and therapy and uses simple healing methods for supporting animals.

I love teaching many animal related subjects please look at my workshop page for more details.
I am available for demonstrations, talks and to run courses at shops or venues.
Please get in touch for availability.