In an animal illness emergency please contact your vet, if you have and you still need my help please use the contact page or ring my mobile and leave a message or text me – 07792 499771


All my services are available via email, Skype, One to One (mileage fees apply after 20 miles) or facebook chat

Animal Communication regarding Behaviour (1 Hour)  £60

One to one telephone consultation regarding your pet and how I can help them and bring forward their problems and concerns that they are dealing with.
All conversations are confidential, I always suggest visiting your vets first if you have any concerns about your pets behaviour or health.
I can also connect with your animal and discuss this over messenger or Skype whatever you prefer

Animal Communication – Transition (1 Hour)  £60

Animal communication is a wonderful way to communicate with your beloved pet at this difficult time of letting go and the end of life transition. I can support and guide you and your pet thru this difficult time.
I can also help with passed animals too who may have struggled at passing and you would like to talk to them and release that negative energy and move forward from this event.
I am available for telephone sessions, Skype or one to one.

Animal Communication for All  (1 hour) £60

Animal communication is a wonderful way to connect with your pets, so you can gain a better understanding of their character and behaviours. It is great for new owners and also to help animals settle into their new homes.
We have found this service helps and bring forth information – rescue, anxiety, stress, development issues, behaviours, sibling problems, separation and so much more.
I can also support animals thru changes such as re-homing, new baby and pack members passing.
Please message me for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Animal Energy Healing (1 Hour) £60

I can provide one to one healing for your animals and discuss what might help them at this time of healing. My sessions are one hour long as I work thru the body finding where the animals problem is and how I can help. I relay this information and discuss a plan forward with the caregiver and how I may be able to help.
I am able to provide this service in person, or distantly. This treatment can help older animals, past injuries and emotional problems such as anxiety and stressed related problems. Also suitable for animals receiving on going treatments and care, this will help support them and help them to repair.

Animal Balancing Treatment – Also suitable for Caregiver £15

This treatment is your animal has had a bad experience or seems very unsettled.  This can really help them re-balance and almost rewind the situation and feel more at peace with what has happened and allows them to move forward.  I always suggest the main caregiver (owner) also has this treatment too.

Always visit your vet first if you have any concerns with your pets behaviour or health.  I am not a VET, I do not give medical advice at all

I am a fully trained animal behaviour and have many qualifications with animals but always consult a Vet before getting in touch with me to rule out injuries, illness or other underlying problems


To book an appointment please use the contact page or ring me on 07792 499771 and leave a message and I will phone you back.