Animal Reiki is a therapy of working with your animals energy and connecting with them to see problems and concerns and then bringing energies to your pet that will help them move on and heal.  Is a proven therapy and is used a great deal with humans throughout the world.  Animals can benefit greatly from Reiki and will react in a calm and peaceful way often moving towards the practitioner for them to treat the animal in a certain area or where they are feeling pain.  


Our treatments can be carried out in person or by distant healing.


Treatments can last between 30 mins to one hour.


Several treatments are normally required, please discuss how many treatments we advise.

Animal Reiki – Benefits

Reiki can help animals in many ways, here is a short list but it really is endless, please contact us regarding your requirements.   Treatments can be carried out in person or with distant healing.

Anxiety and Stress
Physical and emotional pain
Changing situations or moving home
New baby or new pet introductions
Bereavements – owner or animal friend
Behaviour issues – shyness and rescue animals
Weak young/runts/orphaned litters
Skin conditions and allergies
Circulatory Problems
Ear, eyes and teeth problems
Fatigue and overtiredness without exercise
Especially useful for rescue centres and zoos

Reiki is not an alternative to Veterinary treatment and we always advise you seek advise and treatment from your vet as soon possible if you suspect your pet is ill.

We also ask you gain permission from your vet before any Reiki treatment