A few of my personal reviews, all available for viewing

Janine Ainley May 2018

I recently attended an event where Emma was doing a talk and she did a very accurate reading on our lhasa apso from a photograph. Emma correctly identified she had a problem with her paw that we were unaware of which did turn out to be an issue for her (thankfully she is now better �). I found her passion for all the animals and their welfare amazing and very special informing owners of any food issues, pains, and the overall happiness of their pets. Not often you get a glimpse of what is going on inside your pet so you can help them. Thanks Emma x

Louisa Percival May 2018

Emma is fantastic at what she does and it is wonderful to find someone whose life is all about animals and helping them as much as is possible. The care and support given to animals everyday by Emma is just fabulous and the world would be a much brighter place for them if there were more people in it with Emma’s ethics and genuine love for them all x

Maisie Donovan-Lee May 2018

After speaking to Emma at the Nottingham well being show, where she channelled my beloved horse and spoke to him relaying his thoughts to me, I feel that me and my horse now have a greater understanding of eachother and a better partnership!
Thank you so much Emma, truly an amazing person

Maddy Wilson April 2018

I  was fortunate enough to be on the Level 1 Animal Communication course organised by Emma. I learnt so much and it really opened my eyes to how intelligent animals are and I now have a greater respect for them. Emma’s gift and knowledge is second to none and her passion shines through when teaching. I can’t wait for the Level 2 course. Emma donates the course fees to her bunny charity which is honourable in itself. Highly recommend.

Victoria Frances-Harrold April 2018

Emma read my new Guinea pig perfectly, I knew she would because she is very gifted. Blossom is the new joy in my life and Emma confirmed that for me. Thank you so much xxx

Tina Pitman February 2018

I met Emma at the Well Being show at Newark. After hearing her talk I visited her stand with a photo of my dog on my phone. She was 100% bang on. Thank you Emma.

Ruth Stanier September 2017

Emma gave a brief reading for me at the Newark show ground from a picture on my phone. She connected immediately, knew all about my little Honey, her idiosyncrasies, problems & state of mind.
Absolutely blown away by her accuracy, generosity, empathy, love & genuine passion for the animals she works with.  Thank you

Sarah Cooper September 2017

Emma has helped through a good friend heal my dog Ivy after major spinal surgery, incredibly she is walking again, we have a long way to go with co-ordination but with the healing Emma sends I’m sure she will continue to improve, thank you Emma

Dawn Clark August 2016

Wow!! Emma just gave me a reading She connected with my cat and she was amazing. Accurate in everything. I didn’t give her any information and she doesn’t know my cat. I’m totally gob smacked.
I highly recommend a reading from her seriously.   Emma. Thank you so so much

Susan Downes  27th November 20I6
I recently attended Emma’s ‘Animal Communication Level One’ course, which was conducted over two days a couple of months apart, allowing for practice in between, followed by the chance to meet other like minded people and consolidate what had already been learnt.
What was unique was that the second day was free and it spoke volumes about the way in which she conducts her business as she had given freely of her own time. I found Emma to be an excellent tutor who speaks from the heart. She comes across as extremely humble and most definitely places animals and their welfare first. She does not claim to ‘know all the answers’ but her depth of experience shows and the sound advice that she is able to give those wishing to pursue a career with animals is worth its ‘weight in gold’. The saying “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread” springs to mind. Safety is a priority and she would never advocate putting anyone in a dangerous situation or one in which they are likely to feel uncomfortable.
This lady gets results because ‘ good enough’ does not exist in her vocabulary. She genuinely wants everyone to succeed. Communication is a two way street and needs to be a pleasant experience for both the individual and the animal that is being communicated with. She taught us not to make assumptions or to make things fit. To double check and verify everything. She is a tough taskmaster and she will push course attendees to maximise their full potential so that they come away felling “I can do this!”.
Not all of us are blessed with a strong link to spirit and we feel shy about expressing what we are picking up or sensing about a certain animal but Emma’s style of constructive criticism got most of us to about an 85% success rate, which I think is fairly impressive for people who have never tried to do this sort of thing before! She gave us a good framework upon which to build solid foundations.
I would definitely recommend attending one of Emma’s courses. My own four legged friend tested her sorely and she passed with flying colours. I know that she is the ‘real deal’.
Susie Collins October 2016
Dowsing workshop. I went to this workshop having very little experience with dowsing. Emma explained and demonstrated everything so well that by the end of the evening I was able to ask questions and get accurate answers. My sister came with me and we discovered that in a past life, we had both lived in Russia. Thank you Emma! A whole new world!

Gaynor Stickels   November 2016                                                                                     I first met Emma at a MBS show and was immediately struck by her no nonsense personality and confidence, the on the spot reading I tested her with was 100% accurate. She impressed me so much that I invited her to our centre to teach her Animal Communication Level 1 course.
She was a hit and I will be continuing to work with her not only as a student myself but also looking forward to hosting her for future workshops in the future. Her love for the animals and the passion she holds for their well being is second to none.
Highly recommend everything that she does. Xx

Alexa GreyGoose Laurie  November 2016

I came across Emma by accident when a friend put me onto her so she could chat to my dog and find out why he behaved the way he did. Since then I have done 2 courses – my first being dowsing and then secondly Animal Communication part 1. I loved both. Emma’s classes are fun, well paced and give you the right amount of theory needed to understand and do the practical work.

The courses allow for a lot of practical work which means you learn the best way that works for you whilst she is around, which means you have the ability to go home and carry on with confidence. In addition, she has put in place a fantastic support network where we have access to her and to other students to further support and guide as we use the skills on our own. I feel like I have found a second family really. xx

Andrea – October 2015

To whom it may concern, On October 3rd, 2015 in my hometown of Chandler my beloved pet rat Chelsea escaped through an open patio door. If you are not familiar with pet rats, they are actually bred for pets and have nothing in common with wild or sewer rats. They are playful, social pets that interact with their owners and love human affection just like dogs. They also can learn amazing tricks (search “rat tricks” on youtube!) and are very clean.

I immediately enlisted my kids, friends, Any Rat Rescue and neighbors to help with her extensive search. We used dogs, set up live traps, posters and everyone helped comb through the yard, the neighborhood and our house. Five days and nights passed and we came to terms with the fact Chelsy was gone and we were grieving her loss when suddenly Thursday morning, October 8, 2015, I got a text from my friend Jill Breseke. She has a friend, Emma Gowshall, who lives 5000 miles away in the UK and when Jill mentioned my loss to her (and sent her a picture over Facebook messenger) Emma immediately connected with Chelsy and messaged back “Chelsy is definitely alive and still close to Andrea’s house”. Jill immediately came to my house and we started searching for Chelsy, based on clues Emma gave us. Emma said Chelsy seemed “trapped” in a square box that was “full of tubing” of some sort. We searched my garage and my shed for a box with something resembling tubing, but found nothing. Emma then conveyed to us that Chelsy could hear us call her name when we were near the shed, but not from inside the garage. I then asked Emma if Chelsy was okay. My concern was “is she injured, hungry, thirsty?” That’s when Chelsy communicated to Emma that she was fine, she had been eating dog biscuits the entire time. The neighbor, who’s house is right next to my shed, HAS a dog and she let us in. There, in the neighbor’s garage, in front of a wooden cabinet we saw rat droppings. We opened the cabinet door and there was Chelsy!!!! Inside a box full of cables (the “tubing” she had mentioned to Emma). It was a wonderful moment, my kids and I could not be happier with this outcome!!!

This year in February 2016 I contacted Emma again, asking if she could tell me what was wrong with Chelsy, she seemed to be in pain every time I picked her up, but I could not see any injuries. Emma immediately responded it’s her left back leg that is hurting, probably from a trapped nerve. Indeed Chelsy had been limping on that leg the night before, but I had not even mentioned that to Emma. We took Chelsy to the vet and they diagnosed soft tissue trauma in that leg and put her on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory and she recovered within one week. I highly recommend Emma Gowshall for her animal communication skills, it meant the world for us and we will forever be thankful for her service and dedication to help us find this little lost rattie we love so much.

Jill Causby Breseke 2015  – Emma is amazing and the real deal! She found and guided us to my friends pet rat that had been missing for 5 days. No, the rat wasn’t in it’s own home, but in the neighbors garage!! We are SO very thankful for Emma and her gift that she shares. Thank you SOOOO much, Emma!!!!

Jordan Batty  2015 – Words can’t describe it I know a lot of people don’t believe this stuff but when things are said and you haven’t given that information out that’s when your ears prick up…..Emma is truly amazing xxx