Therapies for People

I am trained in many therapies for humans and love working with them, even when most of work is with the animals I have lots of success stories with people too x

Whilst I was working with animals I realised that I needed to work with their human too and that they were linked.  Now I work with animals and people equally and love both sides of my work.

I charge £60 for my energy healing sessions and they normally run between 1 and a half hours

Whilst working with you and energy I will also connect with spirit and any messages I will relay to you whilst you are receiving the therapy.  If you do not want this service please let me know at the beginning of the treatment so I can adjust accordingly.

I offer this service both one to one or distantly and will feedback accordingly.

To book my services please text or ring me on 07792 499771 and leave a message or use the contacts page on this site.